New Social Apps Looks to Bring Bitcoiners Together “IRL”

By Natalie Wu | July 29, 2022

The founders of Bitcoiner dating service The Orange Pill App and LoveisBitcoin reportedly revealed that both ventures would work towards helping Bitcoin advocates to meet, chat and find the love of their lives. 

Specifically, part of the character Bitcoin reportedly possesses a reduced time preference without giving in to immediate gratification. 

“Issues can and do arise if time preferences diverge a lot. Part of the orange-pilling process makes you see through the marketing and the propaganda to distinguish what is truly valuable: Experiences, family, friendships.”

Matteo Pellegrini, the founder of the Orange Pill App, reportedly revealed that upon his settlement into a new neighborhood in Santa Monica, he looked for Bitcoiners to hang out with. Nonetheless, he had difficulties making acquaintances with individuals with a similar passion for Satoshi Nakamoto’s invention.

The app reportedly makes it possible for Bitcoiners to contact others in the same area via leveraging geolocation. Bearing similarities to Tinder, it can assist in connection, friendship, post-conference catch-ups, or even finding work.

Per Pellegrini’s explanation, it is only a matter of time before the central part of the whole global community turns to crypto, so the idea of beginning to meet individuals sharing a similar precipice of change seems appropriate. 

“Instinctively, most people know that the money is broken. I’ve never met anyone who says, I love the system; I love fiat. Where can I get a fiat pill?” 

Pellegrini additionally states that Bitcoin possesses an exciting and understated cultural upside. If both people interacting are keen on Bitcoin, their values are aligned, which allows for skipping the formalities and getting to know each other faster. 

“Connecting with other Bitcoiners is a great experience. […] You can skip the social charade of talking about the weather. This journey through hyperbitcoinization that we’re all on is genuinely extraordinary.”


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