About Us

Founded in 2018, BlockIN, originally as The Crypto Sight – is an American-based digital media, events, and information services company for the cryptocurrency asset and blockchain technology community. In 2020, operating as a hub in Vietnam, BlockIN is a a full-service blockchain media agency to help cutting-edge companies and startups grow their business.

BlockIN’s mission is bridging the gap between blockchain and media.

Our strategies: Accentuating the essence of blockchain

The portrait of blockchain technology in the public eyes has been heavily dichotomized: either a hasty association with bitcoin or any types of cryptocurrency or a sophisticated futuristic technology reserved for a few.

In fact, blockchain, with its decentralised and immutable nature, is one of the most innovative technological tools with a myriad of applications for mass consumption promising an unprecedented efficient lifestyle for humankind.

With technical understanding and creative chops, we help cutting-edge companies and startups grow their business and realize their potential with marketing and PR services, and we specialize in the organization of professional business events online and offline.

Our approach: Maximizing impact through partnerships

Being a part of the blockchain bandwagon for years, we use our learnings and connections to help elevate your position in the blockchain world with webinars, PR, influencer marketing and hundreds of other tactics.

We know the right formula to build credibility through rapid thought leadership and partnerships with our extensive network of blockchain-related companies. By forming these collaborations, we ensure that you are known for what you bring and the end-consumer impact is strong and effective.

Our step-by-step approach is based on growth marketing principles with up-to-date techniques and maps out a series of well-crafted milestones that allow us to measure progress and keep your ship sailing at the maximum speed.

What makes us different?

We are both insiders and experts: We are not just educated on the blockchain subject but we also use the technology ourselves giving us a thorough understanding of blockchain, edging over other blockchain marketing agencies.

We are both analytical and attentive: We employ the latest tools and tactics to actively measure our progress and pivot in real-time to closely monitor your campaigns.

We are content maestros: We are masters of converting complex ideas into digestible bytes of information for audiences to understand and engage with.

We focus on growth: We are oriented by organic growth of your ROI and always ready to scale success by applying growth marketing principles in all aspects of our work.

How we work: Complex expertise a blockchain agency must have

How we work: Complex expertise a blockchain agency must haveWe understand that blockchain technology is beautiful and function but only to those who can fully acquire the concept. We thus craft our approach carefully, based on our expertise, to connect your businesses with your target customers more efficiently and effectively.

As a full-service blockchain marketing agency, we often find ourselves using the technology for our own projects and we know how the technicalities can very easily become difficult. That is why we have mastered our craft and learned everything there is to the revolutionary technology so that we always deliver the maximum results and not just be a blockchain creative agency but a one-stop solution for all marketing disciplines that can fuel the growth of your brand.

Our formula

Educate your audience to think “beyond cryptocurrencies”: The blockchain’s innovation goes way beyond cryptocurrencies and has a myriad of applications for our real world, such as real estate, financial services, and even public policy. Creating content that counter’s conventional wisdom is key to reaching new audiences and propelling the concept of blockchain to mass consumption.

Consolidate that content: Whitepapers are a great tool for getting complex concepts into the public sphere, but to really make them mainstream, they need to be consolidated with PR assets, online marketing content, video, thought leadership guest posts, and even digital advertising. This concrete construction of content promises a long-term engagement from audience.

Let influencers speak directly to your audience: Influencer marketing is one of the best ways for a brand to build authenticity, express value propositions, and educate consumers. Our influencers are curated to your demand and your product. All in the name of building trust in the brand’s innovations.

Keep your audience in the loop: Regardless whether your key demographics are new customers, potential investors, or industry tastemakers, building a community through content marketing and consistently keeping your fans informed and involved will build and sustain momentum from funding round to funding round.

Our Services


Inspired by blockchain and fintech innovations, we create compelling brand content and bring valuable experience to business and audience interaction.

We develop:

  • All essential text and visual materials for media cooperation;
  • Brand materials and content for online platforms (texts, video and graphics);
  • PR campaigns;
  • SMM Services (SMM strategy, content creation, cross-partnership campaigns);
  • Prepare video interview with brands;
  • Cooperate with business leaders and KOLs in the industries


Experiences in event organization under its own brand, in partnership with others, and at the customer’s request.

We set up:

  • Online & Offline conferences;
  • Meet-ups of industry experts;
  • Presentations of new products, services and companies;

We help with:

  • Developing a concept for the event;
  • Speakers selection and acquisition;
  • Developing the event agenda;
  • Preparing event presentations (sales and partnership purposes).


We apply collaborative methodologies to deliver brand strategies and experiences across all touch-points.

We conduct:

  • We apply collaborative methodologies to deliver brand strategies and experiences across all touch-points.
  • UX review for your website or app;
  • Creative consulting for your brand;
  • Cooperation consulting;
  • Events consulting (supporting your brand’s participation at industry events).

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